Cognitive Analytic Therapy

Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) is an intensive, time-limited therapy and can be either brief (6 – 16 sessions) or medium to longer term (16 – 32 sessions, or extended if necessary). In CAT, we work together to understand how problems have developed and why repeating patterns are persistent; we explore finding positive and sustainable change. This form of therapy is collaborative; this means that we work together to find practical and effective ways to support you in managing difficult thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 

CAT is Cognitive in that it makes full use of our capacity to observe and think about ourselves, our feelings and our behaviour. It’s Analytic in that unacknowledged, unconscious factors are explored and worked with. This collaborative process lies at the heart of all my work. 

CAT offers a very focused approach, within an agreed, time-limited contract; this facilitates us in remaining mindful that the end of therapy is always in sight.

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